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PVI Review & CAP Development

PVI Review 


What is a "Program Validation Inspection"?

  • A Program Validation Inspection is a process comprised of a focused inspection of one or more components of an organization that is or is not required to have a Safety Management System (SMS) and of an organization that is implementing an SMS.


What are the "Objectives" of the Program Validation Inspection?

  • A PVI is intended to provide a review of sufficient depth to determine the level of compliance and effectiveness of a component. The use of a PVI will provide sufficient assurance that the certificate holder has employed effective policies, processes and procedures to meet the regulatory standard.


What is the "Scope" of the Program Validation Inspection?

  • If you are a certificate holder with a Quality Assurance Program, the PVI will cover the QA program.

  • If you are a certificate holder without a Quality Assurance Program; Operational Control will be the area covered by the PVI.

  • If you are a certificate holder in transition toward SMS, the PVI will cover those elements of the SMS that are in place as well as the implementation progresses.


What Process does the Program Validation Inspection follow?

  • In short; Notification, Documentation Review, Past History Review of the Certificate Holder, On Site Procedures, Final Report and Conformity Strategy.


  • GRAHAM AVIATION CONSULTING SERVICE can offer you the extra set of eyes to catch the little things. We will convene a meeting at your base location and carry out a PVI prior to Transport Canada's arrival. This will give you the opportunity to fix what may be broken. If you would like to go one step further, we can carry out an "Old Style" audit based upon Transport Canada's Audit Report Form.


"In my opinion the "Old Style" Transport Canada audits were more thorough than the PVI's used today" - Glenn Graham


CAP Development


After the PVI; "Findings" must be addressed in the way of a Corrective Action Plan (CAP). Using Form 26-0675 (1310-09) Corrective Action Form, a date will be given to you when you must respond by. Factual Review of the Finding, Root Cause Analysis, Short Term Corrective Actions, Long Term Corrective Actions and Timelines for Implementation all must be completed and submitted to Transport Canada for acceptance.


GRAHAM AVIATION CONSULTING & PILOTAGE can review your PVI findings, determine the root cause and suggest short and long term corrective actions. We will prepare all forms for you to submit to Transport Canada. Looking from the outside into an aviation operation, the root cause and how to fix it will be determined in a more timely manner.


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