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Initial Certification 702 / 703 Operations

In order for you to operate a helicopter or fixed wing aircraft for hire, you must first apply to Transport Canada for an Air Operator Certificate (AOC) under CAR 702 Aerial Work or CAR 703 Air Taxi or both. Essentially the AOC is a contract between the air operator and the Canadian Government.


Upon regulatory fees being paid and application being made, Inspectors will be assigned your file in the areas of Air Operations, Maintenance and Cabin Safety. Transportation of Dangerous Goods may be applied for at a later date. With our experience, we can speed up the approval process of your AOC. All documentation, manuals, forms, safety briefing cards and key management personnel will be reviewed by the Inspectors and the company will be advised of any changes that need to be made prior to the final approval. As well, base inspections will be carried out and the aircraft you intend to operate will also be inspected to ensure they comply with the CARs.


If you are applying for 703 Air Taxi Operations, application to the Canadian Transportation Agency must be completed and submitted to the CTA for approval. Proof of being Canadian, Incorporation Documents and Tariff rates must accompany your application.


Mentioned above is only a sample of what is involved with the 6 month application process and if you are new to Aviation or ar first starting out, this can be a daunting task with alot of back and forth with the regulatory bodies.


What GRAHAM AVIATION CONSULTING & Pilotage  can offer you?


We can offer you a professional service that will make your application process flow smoothly. We will take the uncertainty and daunting task of applying for an AOC and turn it into a positive learning experience, that will help you in your operation down the road.


Please Review TP 8880 E "Starting A Commercial Air Service"

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