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"After working with Glenn to secure a 2017 R66 and working through the purchase process, I can say with confidence that Glenn is very knowledgeable, honest, and delivers on everything that he advertised. Glenn managed the sale, de-registration, and organized the disassembly, loading as well as the shipping with no issues. I would highly recommend Glenn and his company Graham Aviation Consulting & pilotage for the purchase and the sale of any aircraft."

                                                                                                                                                  Wes Maas - Director


"NorthWest Helicopters Inc. engaged Graham Aviation Consulting to facilitate the sale of our aircraft. Glenn was able to develop leads, leading to an offer of purchase during a time when market inventories were high and sales were depressed due to the pandemic."

"Once the offer was accepted Graham Aviation Consulting followed up ensuring a smooth transition of ownership."

"Outstanding service and dedication!"

                                                                                             Liam Dowds - Owner


Thank-you so much for your support and assistance. We would not be in the position that we are in today with out you."

                                                                                             Parker Horton - CEO


"Glenn is a true professional  and a great helicopter instructor. He is honest, reliable and always manages  to find a solution to satisfy his customer"

                                                                        David Lauzon - EMS Pilot

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We recently purchased a Bell 206 L3 from Glenn and had it shipped down to N.Z. Glenn was an absolute pleasure to deal with and conducted the whole process in a friendly & professional manner. He had a great team to arrange shipping and getting the outstanding work on machine done. We were kept fully informed throughout the whole process - complete with photos.

We wouldn’t hesitate to use his services again." 

                                                                             Tim Rayward - Operations Manager

                                                                                                       Air Safaris


"Thank you Glenn. Your service was exactly what I need to deal with Transport Canada and their maize of rules. Good Job."

                                                                                                                 Chris Widrig

                                                       President/Owner Widrig Outfitters White Horse

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