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3rd Party "Aviation Safety Review"

What is a 3rd Party "Aviation Safety Review"?

An Aviation Safety Review is a third party audit of a commercial helicopter or fixed wing company for any private or government agency who may charter the services of the commercial operation.

Why an "Aviation Safety Review"?

Commercial Aviation Companies in Canada are regulated by two governing bodies, Transport Canada and the Canadian Transportation Agency. These two bodies enforce the Aeronautics Act, Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) and the Canada Transportation Act . Within these Acts and Regulations,  there are numerous rules and regulations that the commercial operator must follow to keep their Air Operator Certificate (AOC) and Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) Licences in force. Failing to due so could result in legal action toward the Air Operator.


Due to governmental cut backs and the lack of Transport Canada and CTA inspectors, the aviation industry in Canada has become a self regulating industry for the smaller charter operators. This means that the commercial operator develops its programs within the guidlines of the regulations and upon start up and one, two or three years later; they may be revisited by an inspector to " Validate" their program (Program Validation Inspection or PVI).


Examples of key areas that are reviewed by the inspector would include current aircraft insurance; training programs for pilots and engineers; aircraft maintenance; flight duty times; safety equipment and pilot proficiency or competency checks. Again this is not a complete list and is only the tip of the iceburg.


Now that you have a little back ground on commercial requirements, back to my original question "Why an Aviation Safety Review?".


Under the Ontario Health and Safety Act (OSHA) and the Canada Labour Code, it is the responsibility of the "Employer" to protect the health and safety of the "Employee" (worker). Canada Labour Code 124 says "Every employer shall ensure that the health and safety at work of every person employed by the employer is protected".


As a an "Employer" under OSHA or the Canada Labour Code, it is your responsibility to ensure that the Helicopter or Fixed Wing Company you are chartering for your operations, are following all regulations, training of pilots and engineers is completed as set out by the CARs and all aircraft you are chartering are being maintained to the regulated standard. In a nutshell you want to ensure you are being flown by a reputable but more importantly, by a "SAFE" company.


We can complete an on site thorough Aviation Review at the Commercial Operator's base of operation. Areas of the Commercial Operation we will inspect include, but are not limited to the review of Management, Operations (control, training, flight safety), Aircraft Inspection, Maintenance Organization, Flight Logs, Quality Insurance, Hangar and Workshops, Spare Parts Control, Fuel Handling, Passenger and Cargo Handling. Upon completion of the Aviation Safety Review, a report will be generated for you and a recommendation will be made based upon the results. If the Air Operator is in compliance of all Acts and Regulations and deems to be a SAFE operator, then the Air Operator will be approved to fly for you. If your company utilizes helicopters or fixed wing aircraft frequently, you may require an "Aviation Standard" developed if you do not already have one. Please review "Aviation Standards" in our Services.

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