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Flight Training

Glenn Graham, President of Graham Aviation Consulting & Pilotage, holds and maintains his Class 1 Instructor Rating. Also from 1995 to 2006, Glenn maintained his "ACP" authority completing numerous "PPC's and until present has completed numerous "PCC'S"


Commercial Operator's


If your company requires 'Initial" or "Recurrent" flight training for your aircrew to attempt their Pilot Proficiency Check or Pilot Competency Check, please contact Graham Aviation Consulting & Pilotage for further details and Glenn's availability.


Private Pilot's


If you aspire to pilot your own "Private" helicopter for business or pleasure, contact Graham Aviation Consulting & Pilotage for Aircraft Acquisition, and to obtain your Private Helicopter License.


If you currently hold a Private Helicopter License, have your own helicopter and haven't practiced emergency procedures since obtaining your helicopter license, contact Graham Aviation Consulting & Pilotage to book your recurrent flight training and confirm Glenn's availability. 

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