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Experience Doesn't Get Old



Glenn Graham, President of Graham Aviation Consulting & Pilotage, has spent 35 + years in Aviation. He has held a variety of positions; from Line Pilot water bucketing on a expanded forest fire situation; Aircraft Check Pilot; Class I Flight Instructor; to Operations Manager liaising with Transport Canada Inspectors during an in depth  Program Validation Inspection. In his successful Aviation Career, there isn't much that Glenn has not seen or has not had to deal with. If he does come across something new or unusual, his attitude is "As long as it can be carried out safely then no challenge is too great, and no problem can't be solved!"

Safety Is Priority #1



"If I wouldn't let my wife and kids fly in the aircraft, then I wouldn't let you!"


This is the bench mark used by Glenn during his entire Aviation Career. He has instilled this culture into his company from the day he incorporated. Whether we are carrying out  Initial or Recurrent Flight Training or completing a Company Safety Review, no detail is overlooked and Safety is Priority! If it isn't Safe enough for Glenn to let his family board, it isn't safe enough for you!

Dependability Isn't Expensive



When you hear the word "Consultant" most people think expensive! At Graham Aviation Consulting & Pilotage, you will find that our rates are more than reasonable and you will receive excellent service without going over your budget.


"We pride ourselves on giving a Dependable, Professional service for a reasonable price keeping in mind that the Aircraft Operator has to make ends meet at the end of the day!"

Glenn Graham

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